MeasureONE, the Energy Management Tool of SII Concatel

MeasureONe is our smart solution for energy efficiency. An Energy Management Tool that has the ability to dialogue with buildings it manages, and obtain data from them to be converted into information, providing the intelligence which allows exponentially improve energy management and resources.

MeasureONE brings you all you need to rationalize your energy and water consumption, reduce the amount of your bills and evolve towards the «Green Company» concept.

  • Energy Consumption Measurement, Control and Registration System: Know at any moment and in real time which is the energy consumption of your infrastructure, generate statistics and reports, and discover trends depending on the needs of your business thanks to MeasureONE. You can interact with the most of standard measurement equipment in the market, with SNMP devices and BMS elements.
  • Water Consumption Measurement, Control and Registration System: Check comprehensively the consumption of one of our most precious resources: water. Register consumption, analyze trends and reduce costs and environmental impact. Because water is a common good.
  • Consumption Alerts and Notifications System: Be always informed about any sudden changes in your consumption that may indicate a device malfunction or a system failure (. Know at any moment the devices that have increased consumption and apply appropriate corrective measures to normalize.
Therefore, thanks to MeasureONE you can control energy consumption in infrastructure (air conditioning equipment, IT devices, water fountains ...) collecting data from company accountants as well as devices using the OPC protocols. You can perform this control according to the parameters that best suit your business (spatial structure, device type, for periods of time ...) and publishing the results simultaneously on several players depending on the target of the information.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword, is an attribute that any organization must have to be leader and competitive.